Osha Thai [Restaurant Review]

OSHA THAI Restaurant Review

We came here yesterday after wandering around the Ferry Building. I actually never been to the Ferry building til yesterday in my life, only to realize when I got there, I’ve been there many times but never inside. (inward sigh). Jas wanted to check this restaurant out because it was a possible business event would be held here. So, since we don’t go to the city so often we walked there.

It was a very nice interior of a restaurant. It wasn’t as populated as it should have been around lunch-time, or maybe because our lunch-time is late (1-2 ish) Either way we got quick service and were attended to quite nicely. First thing first is that we were presented with their weekend special of $5 Bloody Marys. Now, I’m not a fan but I never really drank one. The whole idea of a Bloody Mary was not my cup of tea, the same went with Flo but she has tasted it before and just SMH. Jas on the other hand, has never had one so we both bit the bullet hoping it would be better. You get to create your own. That can be good right? … No. I had the one on the bottom left, Jas top, Flo on the right. I went with the SF Absolut Vodka, shrimp and lemon to play it safe and then added copious amounts of tabisco sauce. Jas had the regular Absolut, shrimp, lemon and celery. Flo opted for the regular Absolut, celery, and bacon. First and last. That is all..

Then our dishes came out, while we were hysterically laughing about what a bad life choice we all made. But learning experience. Somehow I was able to drink most/all of mine which was another bad life decision on my part. (Heh) We ordered three different dishes. (Left to right: Tom Yum Noodle Soup, Chicken Fried Rice, Papaya Salad with Tofu)


It was all good! I’m a rice guy, I suppose but the fried rice was really good. I’m not sure if it’s just me or rice. The noodle soup was exactly what I wanted, there were fish balls, fish cake, ground pork, green onion, and a spicy tom yum soup base with Ho-Fun noodle. I loved it but would have loved it more if the Bloody Mary didn’t steal away my hunger.

The fried rice was buttery but not to the extent that it was really oily, I probably couldn’t have eaten it for a prolonged amount of time due to my ineptness with oil. Flavored nicely, the chicken was tender. I’m sure it would have been a great meal. Jas had the same problem that she was full from the drink.

Flo was smarted and had a salad instead. Shredded papaya, with some vinegar dressing that had some spice kick, bean sprouts and I’m not recalling what else. It was a perfect complement to the drink as it was lite and refreshing. Kudos for a better life decision.

All in all Osha Thai was a great experience, the food was great, ambience was nice, it was quiet (minus our table of course) and the service was attentive. I’d probably go back if it wasn’t so far away but I will remember it if I’m in the area. Good thing it is a chain restaurant. Unless you love them to death, avoid the Bloody Mary’s >:)

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