HNY: Spinach and Orzo Salad

So I was invited to attend a New Years Eve Party at my friends house. Honestly, I never have attended these things disregarding Church gatherings and family events. Especially as this one regarded gaming entertainment, I was almost at a loss of what to make. Finally I asked the host what I should make, he said pasta.

I don’t like making pasta, in actuality I’m not even a good cook, I think I prefer to bake or do appetizers. I can cook to save my life but… coming from a family that entertains often, and is a huge family in that, my portion control is very flawed. I made a paella from a crockpot two weeks before (and never again) it ended in disaster. I was able to flip it into something edible but in the end I threw it away. The outlook on making another regular dish seemed far from my grasp.

Inivitably, I thought about it and decided to make a pasta salad because I know we wouldn’t have any light food at the party and it would just be: beer, pizza, chips, dip, beer, pizza. You get the idea. So a light pasta in mind jumped to Orzo. If you don’t know what orzo is, you should find out. My sister introduced it to me two years ago. Her’s was quite savory for a pasta salad. Basically the best way to decribe it, is rice shaped pasta. It takes almost no time to cook, and it absorbs flavor. Next time I’m probably going to steal her recipe, but I had no time for that. So I went to my best friend named, “Google” and this is what I found.


Everything worked out according to plan. I didn’t deviate like I usually do. The only thing I added was some salt and pepper for flavoring. Some things that I would change would be to add some spice into it. The flavor of the pasta was quite tame. Maybe mixing up the dressing would have made its presence better. I also want to chop some romaine lettuce, real baby spinach (instead of the frozen package I used)  and have half the orzo recipe. Also to add in some English cucumbers for extra refresh and crisp. All in all, the sober ones enjoyed it; the drunk ones just ate whatever. I’ll jot this one down in my recipe book.

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